7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Marijuana Grown Outdoors.

marijuana grown outdoors

Marijuana grown outdoors is much higher quality than indoor weed, and it’s less expensive to grow. It is also not very secret (or complex) to spot grow lights or hydroponic systems in many homes, making it harder for homeowners to deny the existence of their growing operation. However, grow lights and hydroponics can be more costly for the homeowner because they often require additional equipment and higher electricity bills. 

How does Marijuana Grow Outdoors?

The primary method of marijuana grown outdoors is by using hydroponics, which is a system that allows lights to heavily influence the growth of plants without being close enough to pollute the air with any smell. As a result, it’s much more economical to grow marijuana outdoors than indoors. Also, marijuana can be grown outdoors year-round, whereas indoor marijuana is produced during the spring and summer months. When you grow marijuana outdoors, you use hydroponics called aeroponics. This means that the root system can’t touch the dirt around it. 

The roots are suspended in an air bubble instead of buried in organic matter. Because there is no soil, plant roots stay alive longer than they would if they were buried in the dirt. In addition, hydroponics is cheaper than growing indoors because there is no need for costly lighting systems or massive hydrometers. Here are 7 Important Facts About Marijuana Grown Outdoors.

Important Facts About Marijuana Grown Outdoors::

1) Marijuana grown outdoors is more potent than marijuana grown indoors:

This is because the plants don’t have to compete with other plants for resources. Because there are fewer plants to contend with, each can grow as large as possible. In a hydroponic system, even when there are 30 planets in a 28-sq ft space, each plant has access to more water than it would receive in an indoor growing system. When marijuana is grown indoors, most of the nutrient-intensive tasks take place from the outside. The nutrients are then evenly distribute with the water. Outdoors, the nutrients are absorbe by the plants themselves and directly affect the growth of each one. 

In an indoor environment, nutrients are spread over multiple plants and your cannabis is expose to a lot more light than it would be outdoors. The more light it’s expose to means the more THC gets converte into CBN. Because of this, marijuana grown outdoors is much more potent than marijuana grown indoors.

2) Indoors vs Outdoors: Which One Has Better Bud Quality?

Outdoor weed takes longer to grow due to climate conditions, so most growers do it late fall or early winter to get their first harvest before spring rolls around. However, marijuana grown indoors is much higher quality than marijuana grown outdoors. In addition, many indoor environments are more controlled than outdoor environments. This means that there is less variability in the conditions you control.

The temperature and humidity levels can be tightly regulate, and you can rarely go outside to use the bathroom (unless there are indoor plants). Another way that indoor growing is superior to outdoor growing is because you can get your hands on bud within 2-3 weeks of starting your grow room. Outdoors, it takes months before you’re able to get any bud at all and only then if it’s a decent harvest.

3) Costs of Marijuana Grown Outdoors:

Outdoor cultivation is so cheap compare to indoor growing. Because marijuana can be grown year-round, there isn’t any peak season when outdoor grows to have the best quality buds. In addition, outdoor grows generally cost less since your electricity bills aren’t as costly as they would be with indoor growth. In an indoor grow, the plants would need to be on a timer to get enough light during the day, and it costs money for sunlight, nutrients and lighting systems. Outdoors, you only need to buy a grow tent and grow lights, and you will save money.

Indoors is also out of season! When it’s hot outside, indoor grows have to compete with the surrounding air during the summertime. In an outdoor grow, since temperatures are more constant, your marijuana stays in optimal condition all year round. The temperature is more regular, and there is a consistent amount of light (even during cloudy days), which means that the buds are growing at their healthiest and most robust.

4) Marijuana grown outdoors lasts longer than cannabis is grown indoors:

The average outdoor harvest can last anywhere from 6-to 8 months, depending on your climate. There is no need to worry about trimmings taking up precious space if you are growing outdoors. In an indoor grow, the plants need to be trimm every 3-4 weeks, and the bud has a much shorter shelf life due to the high intensity of light it is exposed to.

Outdoor plants and indoor plants are harveste all year round, but you can set up trimmings indoors if need so that they can be process within a month or two. Indoors, you have to move your plants from the grow room into another room where your marijuana is store in jars or buckets for later use. Manipulating and keeping them outside can take months and costs hundreds of dollars. Outdoors, you can move them into a dark closet where they stay dry.

5) Outdoor legalization of marijuana is affecting cannabis prices:

It’s gradually becoming the norm to grow marijuana outdoors in the United States, and due to this, outdoor cultivation is on the rise. In 2016, outdoor growth was increasing at an astonishing rate of 700%. It’s predicte that by 2026 outdoor growth will increase by 300%. Outdoor marijuana is also much cheaper since there isn’t any need for expensive lighting systems or hydrometers. Marijuana grown outdoors will also have less competition because there are so many more plants to harvest from out in nature.

Since this is the case, indoor growing has suffered because the supply of marijuana is steadily increasing. As a result, the prices of cannabis have lowered by over 50% due to mass production. Because of these lower prices, people are more likely to choose outdoor cultivation for their marijuana needs.

6) The plant variety that grows outdoors has a better taste and texture than varieties grown indoors:

As mentioned previously, outdoor plants have a better taste and texture because more nutrients are available for each one. These nutrients are directly absorbe into each plant’s cells and massively affect its growth due to their proximity to nature. As a result, the flavour and feel of the bud are much more robust and purer.

Indoors, there can be a slight variation in growth depending on the environment. Outdoor plants are grown in a natural environment where the light, temperature and nutrients are more consistent. Because of this. It’s easier to get a pure strain outdoors as opposed to indoors, where there might be some cross-breeding from other growers.

7) Outdoors grows have a much greater profit potential:

Outdoor cultivation is generally easier than indoor growing. Since you don’t have to worry about your plants being in an enclosed area with heaters and lights. Your garden can produce higher yields more efficiently than an indoor grow. Of course, it’s hard to have a substantial outdoor grow. But there are outdoor cultivation techniques that can help you get bigger yields.

Indoors, there is always the risk of pests. Sometimes growers have to enclose the entire room to prevent problems from coming in and attacking their plants. With outdoor grows, the plants have a vast range of space to grow, and you don’t have any chance of pests. This means that your costs will be much lower for maintenance when growing outdoors. Indoors, it is also expensive to regulate temperature, sunlight and other factors because indoor growers generally want their bud to be as potent as possible.


Outdoor cultivation is considere a more natural growing method, and cannabis plants can reach their full potential. If you are interested in growing outdoors. Please feel free to check out our website for the different kinds of outdoor cannabis strains available. Our selection includes Northern Lights, White Widow, Romulan and other popular outdoor songs. All outdoor themes have great potency and taste and provide you with an excellent harvest.

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