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Cannabis Attorney

If you’re considering getting into the cannabis industry, there’s no better time to start than now. The market is experiencing exponential growth, and with legalization coming, it will only continue to rise. If you’re still wondering what it means to work with cannabis, this article will briefly overview who Cannabis Attorney are and how they profit from the cannabis industry. But that doesn’t mean a lawyer needs experience with selling marijuana! These days it’s not uncommon for people to work in other sectors but has experience working in law offices – and there are many ways lawyers can make money on behalf of business owners who sell or grow pot.

What is a Cannabis Attorney?

A cannabis attorney, also known as a marijuana lawyer or drug attorney, is an Attorney that specializes in the sale or production of pot. They can be generalists or specialists, which means they handle anything cannabis-related and other lawyers go to them for advice. General practitioners may take anything from selling recreational pot at dispensaries to defending clients charged with drug-related crimes. Specialized attorneys might focus on patenting strains of marijuana plants. In addition, some lawyers work exclusively on the business side of things. This includes forming a corporation for their client who sells or grows cannabis, ensuring their business stays on track with state and federal regulations and advising about operating within the law.

How do lawyers profit from the cannabis industry?

Laws vary from state to state and even from city to city. It’s not unusual for cities and counties to create their own rules that are more restrictive than state or federal laws. A business owner who wants to get into the recreational cannabis trade will have to play by those regulations to ensure they stay on the right side of the law (or in compliance with state, city, county or federal rules). For example, suppose a business owner is growing pot on a property they own. In that case, they might want to ensure that their operation complies with local ordinances about commercial marijuana growth. They will also want to ensure they don’t violate any federal regulations regarding marijuana growing.

What Can a Cannabis Attorney Do for You?

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, so it’s important to have an attorney you can trust. Legal work can range from helping set up a nonprofit or understanding the laws of growing and selling pot. However, if you are involved in the business side of things or growing marijuana plants. You need someone knowledgeable about all things cannabis. In addition to writing business plans, lawyers can help with real estate issues. They ensure their client receives permits and licenses and defend them against drug charges.

What are the Ways a Lawyer can Profit from the Cannabis Industry?

There are three ways lawyers can profit from marijuana. First, they can receive payment for their work. Lawyers working with cannabis businesses are uniquely positioned to negotiate legal fees with clients. They appreciate that they are not regulated by state bar associations and feel these unhampered discussions give them an edge when purchasing legal services. Second, some attorneys have opened their practice and offer services exclusively. (i.e., they only take on clients who pay them directly). This option may be more profitable than generalist law firms since there is less competition for clients within the legal community. Lastly, lawyers can offer their services to the cannabis industry and non-cannabis businesses for a fee. This is similar to work from other lawyers that may have a company in the cannabis industry.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Cannabis Attorney?

Though there are risks that go along with working with cannabis. A lawyer can help mitigate the risk by advising you when drafting business documents—setting up a nonprofit for the production of the pot and understanding the laws about growing marijuana. Cannabis attorneys appreciate that state bar associations do not regulate them. I feel these unhampered discussions give them an edge when negotiating legal fees. In addition, since they know what they’re doing. They can offer advice on how to run your business effectively or market your pot in a way that doesn’t violate federal law.


With the legalization of marijuana in other states, likely, several states will soon follow. This will open up an entirely new industry many lawyers have decided to join. These attorneys are so confident about the future of this industry they have started their practices focusing solely on helping marijuana businesses thrive. The legal advice you can receive from a cannabis attorney can help you ensure you are doing everything by the book and avoid confusion about how state laws apply to your business.


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