How to become a licensed grower in michigan?

licensed grower in Michigan

We all know the importance of having access to marijuana, but many don’t realize how difficult it is to be a Medical Marijuana patient and grow your weed. Once you become licensed, you’ll have access to strains currently unavailable anywhere else and other benefits such as discounts or free samples. Whether you’re looking for an easy way around restrictive government regulations or want to try your hand at being self-sufficient, becoming a licensed grower in Michigan is the best way. Let’s dive into what it takes.

What is a licensed grower in Michigan?

A licensed grower in Michigan is a person who has been issued a license to grow marijuana for themselves and others. The license is issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) through the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board (MMLB). Applicants must meet several requirements, such as age, criminal history, residency, etc. The application fee is $600, with an additional $200 fee per proposed location. Once you become licensed by the MMLB, you will have access to the supply chain that comes with this license.

What are the benefits of being a licensed grower in michigan?

By becoming a licensed grower in michigan, you’ll be able to have access to strains that are currently not available anywhere else. You’ll have the ability to pick up free samples and discounts on your purchases. You’ll also have access to the results of field tests, laboratory testing and other documents obtained during your application. The higher level of access you receive is based on the size and sophistication of your operation. For instance, more extensive operations will be able to get more diverse varieties than smaller ones. Also, the bigger the operation, the more accurate your lab results will be. Your license is suitable for two years, after which it must be renewed with LARA for $400 each year.

Steps to become a licensed grower in michigan.

The following are the steps to become a licensed grower:

Step 1: Apply with the MLB for licensed grower in michigan. 

You’ll need to go online and file an application with the MMLB. Some of the required info includes a description of your business plan, photos of your property and security, etc. You must also include a copy of your criminal history record and certificates for each location you wish to operate in. You will also have to set up a track-and-trace system for all marijuana that leaves, enters . Expect all this to take between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on how much information you require during the process.

Step 2: Get a licensed grower in michigan educator certification.

Once your application for licensed grower in michigan approve, you’ll need to get an Educator Credential. This step includes completing “knowledge, competency and education requirements.” You will have to take a course provided by the MMLB and pass all of their tests within 60 days before your license will be issued. After this, you’re ready to go.

Step 3: Get your grow license.

If you are fully prepare, for the final step is getting your license. You will need to attend a three-day class to learn how to operate as a grower. You’ll also need to get a pre-approval letter from LARA. Then, you will take all the necessary steps, along with fingerprints and a background check. After this, your licensed grower in michigan application will be reviewed by all of the MLB’s staff, who will then issue or deny your application based on their experience and knowledge with growing cannabis. Then it’s time for you to head back out for supplies.

Investment required to be a licensed grower

If you’re thinking about becoming a licensed grower, you’ll want to know what kind of investment you’re looking at. First, invest in locks for all entryways and safes for any cannabis that is store. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in security cameras and a tall fence with barbed wire around the top. You’ll also have to figure out what to do with your investment, such as storage, security, etc. Then there’s the cost of the grow license application, which is $600 for each location. Also, consider the cost of your education requirements, including taking classes and paperwork along with tests.


Becoming a licensed grower in Michigan is a significant step for medical marijuana patients. A license will allow you to have access to strains that are unavailable anywhere else and get discounts from your local dispensary. If you’re serious about growing and want to know how this process will work for you, go ahead and request your application. It’s time to get home-grown!

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