How to get a class a grow license in michigan?

Class A Grower License

To grow a plant with the intent of sharing its harvest or sale requires a license. However, Michigan allows for an exemption for small businesses, extended to legal operations that make less than $100,00 annually in marijuana sales. It’s possible to apply for this license online and expect to receive it within 30 days of submitting all required information.

If you want to grow marijuana legally in Michigan but don’t want the headache of setting up shop and navigating the state’s complicated licensing procedures. You need to must apply for a  class a grow license in michigan through our website today! We’ll help you navigate your way through each step so you can get starte on your new greenery-filled future that much sooner.

​A Class A Grower License vs a Provisioning Center License

Both of these licenses are require if you want to acquire, process, transport, and sell/share marijuana legally. If you already have a medical marijuana card but don’t have the necessary Class A Grower License. You can apply for one of these and expect to get it within 30 days. Likewise, if you don’t already have a medical marijuana card and want to grow your plants for personal use. All that’s needed is the Class A Grower License from the state of Michigan.

The Process for Obtaining Your Class A Grow License

Step 1: You must be a legal adult. If you don’t meet this requirement, please consult with an attorney in your area. You cannot apply for this license online and expect to receive it within 30 days of submitting all required information.

Step 2: Fill out all the application forms listed on the state’s website to receive your Class A Grower License.

Step 3: Submit a copy of your fingerprint cards to the state. These are available on the state’s website. You’ll need to use special tape to attach them to your application forms. After that then send everything in one package to the location listed on the application.

Step 4: Arrange for a Certificate of Liability Insurance (CLI) from an insurance company licensed in Michigan. Include this certificate with your application when you mail it in. Make sure to attach multiple copies of it for each document sent in since there is a limit on how many documents can be submitted at once.

Step 5: The state usually takes seven to 14 days to process a complete application. You can get a license within as little as three days in rare cases. When you receive your Class A Grower License, read through it carefully and ensure that all the information is correct. If anything’s wrong, go back and submit new information or contact the licensing department for assistance.

Step 6: Get a Provisioning Center License to buy seeds, clones, or plant stock from a marijuana dispensary. These licenses are not legally required to grow at home or sell your harvest to friends and family members who know about your operation. However, we recommend that you use this license to open a small business. The rules and regulations for these businesses are complicate and constantly changing.

Step 7: Be sure to follow the laws and regulations as they change throughout the state. Laws regarding marijuana are always in flux. So be sure to stay up-to-date on any changes that may occur in your area or throughout the state.

​Risks Associated with Growing Marijuana Legally in Michigan

It’s still illegal to own marijuana plants unless you have a medical marijuana card. Without one, there’s a risk that authorities could take action against your crops at any point during the growing process.

The state has an aggressive history of searching homes and businesses for illegal marijuana plants. If you want to grow cannabis in your home, handle the process carefully. We should use all the resources available for legal growing. This can include contacting a lawyer, consulting with state websites and forums, joining local clubs, and taking other preventative measures. Which will help lead you through the process with ease.


Whethe Potential growers should consider obtaining a Class A grower license through our website because it has many benefits. All those who grow marijuana for their personal use or want to get into the business of cultivating plants should obtain a Class A Grower License through our website. The benefits are many, including tax breaks and cost savings on equipment! It’s important to note that this does not guarantee that you will grow marijuana legally. However, it is another step towards getting a license and receiving your license number.

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