How to make classes more interesting for students: tips for teachers 


Every teacher aims to impart quality education to the students and ensure the success of teaching as well as learning. But a classroom where students lack interest cannot make effective teaching and learning. Some mistakes in the teaching approach can be a reason behind students being less interested in the classes. 

In such a classroom, students become less concentrated, participate less which affects teachings skills too. But every problem has a solution. To make your classes more interesting for better teaching and learning, let us discuss some effective tips in this regard. 

Reasons behind a class being less interested in students. 

  • Monotonous classes

 the conventional methods of teaching only using textbooks and guides become less enjoyable for students, making classes monotonous. Only reading, explaining bad learning from textbooks without any demonstrations and visualization makes classes less interesting for students. 

  • Teacher centered method of teaching 

Classes are interesting only when students are involved in the classes too. Teacher centered method of teaching means when teachers keep on teaching, explaining, and making students mere listeners. When teachers don’t give students the chance to speak up, share their thoughts and participate, the classes become less interesting for the students, furthermore making them distracted from learning.  

  • Lack of interaction 

When classes lack interaction, classes become less interesting for students. Also in a classroom, there are different types of students, some are quite vocal and active whereas some are less. When teachers only limit their interaction with the active speakers, others feel neglected and less interested in the class. 

What happens in a class with low-interest levels? 

  1. Students lose concentration. When they are less interested in the classes, they get easily distracted which affects both active teaching and learning. 

  2. Monotonous teaching practices from the textbooks and guides, affect the          academic understanding of the students. 

  1. Students being less interested in the classes can also become less disciplined in the classes. Getting distracted also makes them mischievous in the class. 
  2. Make the classroom less goal-specific. With students less interested, they don’t actively listen and understand in the class which affects teaching and learning. 

Tips for teachers to make students more interested in class

1. Use technology

Many times when teachers keep on reading and explaining from the textbooks and guides, classes become less interesting for the students, furthermore making them less engaged in the classroom. To avoid this problem happening in your class, teachers can use technology. Today’s kids enjoy technology a lot. And using the same in classes will be of great help.

 Teachers must teach students with the help of technical audio-visual aids. For example, along with using a textbook, teachers can make a PowerPoint presentation on a lesson or can also make attractive visual notes. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can also access modules, educational videos, picture cards, demonstrations, quizzes, etc to make classes more interesting for students.

2. Have different ways to assess 

Always taking assessments in the form of written exams is not interesting for the learners. They find this method of giving written exams every time a lengthy and boring process. Hence teachers must try on some different forms of assessment. Teachers can give projects, models, make PPTs, give online quizzes, solve multiple choice worksheets online, etc. Using software to manage can be done to provide quick results and make students indulged and interested throughout. LMS portals is a learning management system that teachers can follow in this regard.

3. Have participatory activities

The monotonous class where students don’t get the chance to speak up, interact and share becomes less interesting. Also, because of this, students don’t get a chance to get their doubts cleared by the teachers, furthermore affecting their understanding and academic performance. To avoid this happening in your classes, teachers must ensure to have participatory activities. Using LMS manage your classes in a way that you get enough time to have interactive and participative activities. Some of its examples are 

  • Group discussions
  • Recitations 
  • Pair and presentation 
  • Group project making 
  • Model making 
  • question answer round 

All these activities will keep students actively involved in the classes. With more participation and engagement, students will be interested in the classes too. 


For making the classroom effective for teaching and learning, it is important for keeping students well interested in the classes. But lack of opportunity to interact, monotonous practices, and teacher-centered approaches to teaching can make students less interested in the classes. By following the above-mentioned tips and techniques, teachers can overcome these issues and can make classes more interesting for students. 

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