Reasons Why People Like Marijuana Planting Outdoors.

marijuana planting outdoors

People who grow marijuana planting outdoors should be aware of the different ways to plant their plants. There are some things you want to think about before you plant your marijuana outside. Think about the climate in your area and what kind of soil you will be working with when deciding how to grow your plants. If you’re looking for a good tip on how to plant outdoors, this article might help get the idea in motion for you.


What are the reasons people like planting their marijuana outside? And what are the factors they consider when they choose to plant outdoors? Why do some plants outdoors and others prefer to use indoor grow lights? What are the good things about growing your plants indoors vs. outdoors?

Reasons why people like marijuana planting outdoors are:

marijuana planting outdoors

1. It’s cheaper than growing indoors. 


Marijuana planting The cost of electricity, equipment, and especially of a grow space can make growing indoors for some individuals cost-prohibitive. For these people, planting outside is a money-saving alternative.

2. It’s less work than marijuana planting outdoors.


When marijuana planting outdoors instead of outdoors, you will have to be much more diligent in keeping up with the amount of light your plants receive. Additionally, you will have to be careful not to over irrigate or over-fertilize. These tasks generally do not need doing as often in an outdoor setting.

3. Plants grow faster marijuana planting outdoors.


Because plants do not have the same competition for resources as they do in a crowded indoor garden, their growth rate increases due to less competition from nearby plants. However, this also means that your yields will be lower if you decide to grow outdoors only because your plants will more likely reach maturity sooner than if you had been growing them indoors from seed or clones.

4. More light can be created marijuana planting outdoors.

marijuana planting outdoors

The amount of available sunlight for outdoor plants is usually higher than that for indoor plants because marijuana planting outdoors plants don’t have to compete with other plants for sunlight, and glancing at them from a window will not provide enough light to make them grow strong and healthy. Additionally, since it is now possible to add solar panels to supplement your energy needs, you can easily use this technique to supplement the power you will be using on your cannabis grow lights or grow lamps.

5. It’s more realistic and less an obstacle in real-life situations.


Cannabis plant harvesting can be quite a lengthy process when growing indoors. Depending on the strain, it can be anywhere from 3-12 months before harvest. Those who plant outdoors will have the added benefit of being able to harvest their crop in a single month instead of having to wait a year to get their crop harvested.

6. You can grow weed organically marijuana planting outdoors.


marijuana planting outdoors is a natural choice because you can use natural fertilizers and not have to worry so much about the quality of your soil. You will be able to feed your plants with the help of natural weather patterns, the sun, and beneficial insects. You will not be able to control them as well as you would indoors, but you won’t have to worry about harmful pesticides or chemicals.

marijuana planting outdoors

7. The environment is safer when you’re marijuana planting outdoors.


There are no harmful chemicals or fumes released while growing outdoors when they are grown indoors. There are also no electrical fires or other dangers associated with growing indoors. Grow environments are also the much better quality when grown outdoors on your property.

8. It’s more natural for cannabis marijuana planting outdoors .


Cannabis plants do best when planted outdoors and can grow freely, taking advantage of all the sunlight and natural elements offered. Your results will be healthier, more potent harvests if you decide to plant outside, especially if you live in an area with good sunlight hours throughout the year.


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