If you have a blog post that deserves the maximum exposure, then we may be interested in it. If your blog is important to you, then we want to contribute in some way. This page will let us know what sort of content would be most suitable for us and how a long-term partnership could achieve the best results for both parties.

Our goal is to provide interesting and valuable content while maintaining a high standard of quality. We also like to ensure that the content we deliver is visible and searchable on the internet. We will, therefore, work with you to develop compelling and unique blog posts that are likely to be noticed by readers.

Are you willing to Write for us?

If your blog has topics that fit well with the content we publish then we would love to hear from you. As an example of the kind of writing we are after:

Content related to cannabis that provides genuinely helpful and interesting information while also entertaining readers. Good examples of this include tips and information on growing weed or reviews of marijuana products such as cannabis seeds and CBD oil. Articles that provide insights into the complex world of marijuana can also be useful.

Content related to CBD Capsules and CBD oil is such a good fit for our blog. We want to provide content that supports the increasing number of people who are turning to these products as a substitute for medical treatment.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

In a nutshell, guest posting is an excellent way to-

Increase your brand visibility and exposure to a target audience. Appear on another popular site, in the sights of more readers and search engines. In turn, this leads to more exposure for your own brand. If done correctly it could lead to higher organic traffic and rankings for your website or the blog itself.

Build your audience by building relationships and therefore trust. This is vital when you are wanting to sell your products or services in the future. If people trust your content then they are more likely to interact with you and look to buy what you have to offer.

Gain valuable backlinks and social traction for your blog or website. This will improve the rankings of your website, which could mean more traffic, more pages viewed, and ultimately higher chances of converting visitors into buyers.

Partnering with the right site can be an extremely valuable move. It will allow you to build a lasting relationship and potentially even gain promotion for your brand.

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Can you pitch now?

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In addition to guest posting we provide: 

High-quality service and support to ensure your content is delivered professionally

The ability to connect with a large audience that could have valuable links or social traction.

Long-term branding by featuring your logo and branding on every page of our website.

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